Environmental Control Systems

Vapor Cycle Systems 
Fairchild Controls’ designs and builds vapor cycle systems (VCS) to perform in the most demanding of environments. When cooling is required in hot, high vibration, weight critical, and mission critical environments; FCC is your best bet. Our company has developed and fielded vapor cycle systems for commercial aircrafts; fighter jets, combat helicopters, and ground combat vehicles. No one has as broad an experience and proven record of providing compact rugged vapor cycle systems as Fairchild Controls.

Air Management Systems 
Our air management product line covers a board segment of the market. From cabin pressurization, to advanced high performance propulsion cooling, to bleed air control and distribution systems. Fairchild Controls provides the solution for your Air Management needs.

Nuclear Biological and Chemical Air Filtration Systems 
Our nuclear biological and chemical air (NBC) filtration systems provide compact, high efficiency, and rugged air filtration. Each system is designed to minimize replacement while allowing for quick filter change out. The NBC systems use fans that are optimized for the application, thereby minimizing the power consumption required to operate the filters.

Vapor Cycle Compressors 
Fairchild Controls’ has a suite of vapor cycle compressors that covers a broad range of the market. FC offers compressors that are driven by 400 Hz AC induction motors, BLDC motors, and hydraulic motors. We provide several compressor technology options such as rotary vane, screw, and centrifugal. Every compressor is designed to minimize weight and maximize efficiency.

Control Electronics

Motor Controls 
As a leader in BLDC motor controllers technology, Fairchild Controls has developed and fielded motor controllers that drive motors as large as 40 kW and as small as 1Kw. Our controllers are designed to the lowest possible weight, minimal back EMI, and maximum levels of efficiency. FCC has the capability to convert variable frequency AC into conditioned power.

System Controls 
We are leaders in the area of system integration, our system control capabilities has been a key reason for our continued success in the market. Our systems are typically controlled by electronics; that includes BIT, health monitoring, prognostic, fault isolation, and reporting capabilities. The control systems developed and manufactured by Fairchild Controls, are guaranteed to provide our customer with superior levels of efficiency. This allows for reduced power consumption and increased reliability for the overall system.

Pneumatic Control Systems

Air Turbine Drives 
Fairchild Controls has been manufacturing pneumatic systems for over 50 years and remains the leader in air turbine drives. FCC air drive units offer compact conversion of high pressure air into mechanical power. Our systems have consistently supplied our customers with a remarkable level of reliability and performance.