Environmental Control Systems

Vapor Cycle Systems

3.5 kW ECS for Military Fighter Aircraft 
The ECS was developed to provide 3.5 kW of cooled air for electronics cooling. The systems is developed for Terma Industries’ Modular Reconnaissance Pod and the Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance System (MRP/TARS). It has been flight qualified and in active service for NATO and US Air Forces. This ECS uses reliable and field proven vapor cycle system components based on the Pave Tack pod cooling system.

25kW ECS for Military Ground Vehicle 
Fairchild Controls developed this system for General Dynamics Land Systems to provide crew and electronic cooling on the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV). The vehicle is a heavy assault platform with stringent environmental requirements. It is being built for the United States Marine Corps. The vapor cycle system is driven hydraulically and produces 25.4 kWs of cooling in two distributed systems. The system is composed of an air handling unit (AHU), a compressor motor unit (CMU), and a nuclear, biological, and chemical evaporator. 

26kW ECS for Military Helicopter 
This ECS is a mission critical component of the Apache Longbow helicopter. The system was selected by Boeing to replace the original air cycle system on the aircraft because of high failure rates due to the air cycle inability to operate in a rotorcraft environment. The system accommodates high heat loads of radar and electronics systems. It also provides cooling and heating for the crew. The total cooling provided is 26kW. The Fairchild Controls 54mm Heli-Rotorâ„¢ compressor with integral electric motor drive is at the heart of the Apache ECS. 

30kW Supplemental Cooling System (SCS) for Commercial Aircraft 
The supplemental cooling system (SCS) was designed and manufactured by Fairchild Controls for the Airbus A380 aircraft. The SCS provides cooling for all the food trolleys situated throughout the aircraft as well as the in-flight entertainment electronics. The system also provides cooling for aircraft avionics during hot ground operation.

Air Management Systems

Fairchild Controls partnered with Raytheon Systems to develop a fully integrated Advanced Targeting Forward Looking Infra-Red (ATFLIR) pod. Our system delivers and modulates the cooling for the electronics in the ATFLIR pod. This pod is in service on the F-18 C/D aircraft but is also being offered for other applications including the F-15 abd F-16. Fairchild Controls is Raytheon’s exclusive cooling sub-system partner in all these applications.

Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Filtration System 

This system provides 310 cfm of clean filtered air to occupants for all manned compartments on the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) of the U.S. Marine Corp. The system has a compact design and specifically built for operation in harsh environments. It has been fielded and proven to be highly reliable.

Vapor Cycle Compressors

54MM Heli-Rotor

The 54mm Heli-Rotor compressor is a positive-displacement machine which does not require suction or discharge valves. Unlike reciprocating or centrifugal compressors, the Heli-Rotor compressor can ingest large quantities of liquid refrigerant without damage. This characteristic is particularly important when encountering the liquid flood back associated with system startup, or when starting under cold ambient conditions.