Pneumatic Control Systems

Air Turbine Drives 

Fairchild Controls is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the air turbine motor the TP-25, that drives a 20-kilovolt-ampere aircraft generator and 18 hp hydraulic pump for the Lockheed Martin C-130 aircraft production models A through early H’s. As the OEM of the TP-25, we have over 50 years of experience in repair and overhaul of the unit. We offer full service aftermarket support with fast turn-around times, exceptional quality, and value-adding reliability.

ADU 2000 
The ADU 2000 incorporates the most advanced design standards and concepts in air drive technology. It was specifically designed for the Boeing 767-400ER aircraft. Each of the six system sub-assemblies were all new designs, not derivatives of existing production hardware. The ADU 2000 is a high capacity (120 HP) turbine driven gearbox, and its associated control elements, used to power a hydraulic pump to meet aircraft peak hydraulic power demands. The system components consist of a modulating & shut off valve, turbine gearbox assembly, exhaust muffler, and electronic control card.

The TP85 air turbine drive provides supplementary and emergency hydraulic power for the Boeing 747 aircraft. Fairchild Controls has produced the model TP25 for over twenty-five years. Over 4,500 TP85 air turbine drive units have provided supplementary hydraulic power for the Boeing 747 accumulating 125 million flight hours.